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Monday, January 29, 2007

Birthday Loot

I was planning a day of R & R today but it was not to be. I was asked to work for someone at Fabland and I couldn't say no. I got to fondle linen and twill as I put them on display. I am planning a dress with the linen for summer!

I went to my Mother's place on Saturday evening and had a small celebration with her and my sister. My Mom got me these cute little gingerbread men earrings when she was in Saskatoon.

My sister got me this lovely soft alpaca yarn in sock weight from a farm near to her place called Hollyhock Hill Alpacas. You can find the address here. Unfortunately they have no web site. She also got me the new Vogue Knitting magazine and another mag for knitting (I forget the name) but I forgot to take pictures (silly me).

My sis also gave me a great card with a pic of my teenage crush...David Cassidy. I had posters of him (and Bobby Sherman) all over my bedroom while in high school. Sigh.

When I was at my sorority meeting on Tuesday last I got a pile of fancy yarns and a pair of knitting needles. I'll be making some scarves soon or maybe adding embellishment to purses.

I love the middle ages so I was gifted with this book by my Father. Lovely pictures and sketches for inspiration. I've leafed through it a gazillion times already!

And the most exciting of all is the book I have been wanting since last fall. Knitting on the edge by Nicky Epstein. It is inspiring! I am going to do the cardigan in this book for myself! I especially love the celtic knot edgings!

Sitting on the book is the necklace my Rhea gave me and at the top left is a new charm for my bracelet from Pat. The kids also gave me the Thinkertoys book in the photo with David Cassidy.

Turning 50 is not that overwhelming to me. Just another number. I feel so much younger in heart and mind. Curiosity and creativity can keep you young. It is only my body and the aches and pains that remind me that I am no longer in my 20's.

Of course the mirror gives me a fright on occasion too.

Thanks to everybody for all the well wishes!


Monika said...

Happy Birthday, Martina! You've got real nice gifts! I had to laugh, because of the mirrow sentence. I scared myself today, and will enroll in the gym this week! All that knitting and sitting is not doing anything good for my body.
Hope you feel young for a very long time and get to do whatever you feel like doing. Enjoy every day, they go so fast....

Liz K. said...

Happy 50th Martina! I laughed out loud at the David Cassidy picture. What's better than a sibling?

barbp said...

I LOL at the David Cassidy picture as well. Have you seen him lately? Looks like you received some very nice gifts. Glad you enjoyed your day.

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday!

kt said...

Happy Birthday! I had a thing for good ol' Keith Partridge, too, and I actually MET Bobby Sherman! My dad was military, and when I was 9, we shipped out to Japan--literally. My mom set it up so that we went over to Japan on a cruise ship, and Bobby and his new bride were on board heading to Hawaii. He was just as cute in person.

Dipsy said...

Happy belated birthday, Martina! All the very best to you - may all your dreams and wishes come true in this new year of yours!

Cathy said...

You got some great loot! And you deserve it.

Happy 50th Birthday!!!

Judy said...


and I hope you enjoyed your day. Sure looks like you made out like a bandit. Give my love to all.

Love Judy

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday!
I have been asking for Knitting on the Edge for 3 Christmases and still no joy! I thought David Cassidy was the man, and who didn't want have a spot in the Partridge family bus?