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Monday, January 01, 2007

Twelve first lines

Some one did this a while ago and I thought it was a good idea. Following are the first sentences from the first post of each month of 2006.

This perfect New Year's Day I spent knitting, listening to good music, watching the birds at the feeder and drinking many cups of tea.

Behind me my daughter struggles away doing her math.. Algebra

I got gold (along with about 4,000 other knitters!)(We're all champions!)


The tulips are stretching from beds of soil
Spring is awakening deaf to my cries
Squirrels have ceased their winter toil
And birds chatter and chirp in sparkling skies.

There will be a garish rainbow of colours
Invading the field of my discontent
Joy and wonder will fill me for hours
But for bleak winter I will lament.

I want the snow, the cold, the blue
But spring is erupting way too soon
I have not yet lost the taste of you
I still need winter for my mourning croon.

Last week was not my week to be going through the drive through at Tim Horton's

Today at work I received the beautiful roses from the man I've been fortunate enough to share 21 years of my life with.

Book Meme:

I too am having problems downloading pictures with blogger!

This Labour Day weekend is as dreary as dreary can be.

Kessie had a really big day on Saturday!

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post.

I have a problem.

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Kelly said...

Happy New Year