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Monday, January 15, 2007

Grey Jay and Swans

Jim has been on a couple of birding trips the past week.

On Wednesday he and some buds took a trip up to Algonquin Park.

This is a picture of a Grey Jay sitting on a Stop sign. Jim describes the Grey Jays as Chickadees on steroids. They will come right up and land on hands to take food but they are not skittish like the chickadees but bold and brave.

Then on Saturday Jim and the birding buddies went on a bird feeder tour.

On property owned by Brower's Landscaping they saw Black Necked Swans,

Black Swans and White swans.

Look open water in Ontario in January!


Anonymous said...

It looks positively balmy in Ontario. Of course I'm a day late and I know it's pretty cold there now. Great photos and hope your move to the second sleeve island goes smoothly.

LisaB said...

Wow I have never seen a black necked swan before! Just the white variety. They are so pretty with the contrast.

Back in highschool biology class I had to learn to identify over 100 different birds. It was so much fun! I drove my family nuts that summer on a road trip constantly calling out ones I would see. :)