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Monday, January 15, 2007

Sleeve Island and Creativity

Yes. Here I am stuck on sleeve island. Hopefully I'll soon be hoping over to the other sleeve island. I honestly have been letting myself get sidetracked from this project because it is, how should I put it..., putting me to sleep!

Much more interesting are the doodles I have found on the coffee table the last few days. My DH is quite artistic don't you think? I, personally, am really impressed! Jim you need to doodle more often and doodle on bigger paper! I am getting you a sketch book soon!

A closer look at the doodles (with less of sleeve island)!

To keep my mind from going totally numb I have also been knitting some fuzzy bags for felting. Using light lopi with a novelty yarn.. Should look good when done. I also have another one done but at this moment I can't find it!

And now for some inspiration from Black Dog Knits. I just love this bag and I will be attempting one of my own very soon! Thanks Black Dog!!!

This is what I have been reading the past few days. Creativity has got me thinking. How to tap into our innate creativity. How to teach people to embrace their creativity. How to let people realize that everybody is creative in varying degrees and in various ways.

More on it later!

I will be posting some bird pictures later today!


Cathy said...

being a little on the slow side this morning, I looked at your blog and was saying to myself "what the heck?!" But I get it now. Well done! Especially that sweet little bird.

Martina said...

Which I will repost again later!

Charity said...

My favourite doodle is the pine trees - reminds me of growing up in a little house in the woods on the prairies. :0)

Oh, groan, sleeve island! It will be over soon! :0)

Nora said...

I'll be watching your blog to see if you make the bag... x

Nora said...

Hi again Martina - I'm soooo flattered that you love this bag.

I've noticed that you've included it on your Flickr page. Would you please put the following link in the description section:

Thanks babe. Copyright is such a pain in the a** isn't it?! x

Kelly said...

Wow what beautiful doodling! Love the new bag!

Anonymous said...

Jim does need to doodle more often. Those are really good!

I like the bag too.