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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

And it is Snowing Again...

I think this winter will be long remembered as "The Winter that Would not Stop."

Yes that is the view from the shop this Wednesday March 23rd at 4:25 PM. A tad depressing isn't it.....Sigh....

I am going to take a moment to look at colourful yarn....

Ahhhhhh.... Debbie Bliss Angel......Mohair and silk...mmmmmm......


Oh! Hi!

Busy weeks have been happening for me these past few. Working the storefront, dealing with lawyers, knitting an inspiration, teaching, visiting family and planning an art show in the shop, etc., etc.....

The storefront continues to get busier which is oh so amazing but means that I have less time to do the non-sales jobs of running a business . So that means those jobs leak into the rest of my life.

I have promised myself to act on inspiration when it happens so I have been taking most spare moments to go forward on my current piece. It should be ready to put in the art show this coming Saturday. You will get a photo of it then. For now here is another piece that will be in the show.

Tara and I continue to develop our line of items to teach and sell as well. This Saturday there is a fundraising for Girls Inc. which we have a table at. Tara is also teaching a class. I am in the shop with the prep. for our opening of the show but will get to help with table set up on Friday evening.

I will now go and grab the vest (yes my project is that) and continue to embellish while trying to ignore the white cold crap falling from the sky and imagine spring greenery...

Till next time!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Lazy Knitter

Too lazy was get up and find my cable needle.
Thankfully the pen and camera were right beside me!
Aren' t you glad I wasn't too lazy to blog about it?

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

An Owl and 3 Bunzillys!

Some fun on another cold and snowy day!

Monday, March 07, 2011

What Be the Cause?

The word


has been running through my brain since the ride home from Belleville last night.

(We dropped number 1 child back at school after a week sort of at home).

Not sure why. It is just there.

Because Why?

I am restless...? I am finding creating difficult...? I have cabin fever.....?

Because the trees are still bare.

Because it is still cold outside.

Because I want summer.

Because because because.....

Because every day life keeps happening?
That being said.....I need to pay some bills and do some house work.