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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Oh, the People You'll Meet!

One of the things I am enjoying about working in retail at a Fabric store is the people I am getting to talk to.

Since starting I have helped:

1. A former magician who now has a business making props for magicians (bought 2 bolts of black felt)

2. an animator who is designing and creating her own quilts (bought multiple colours of quilting fabric)

3. A knitter (who asked me for help and bought buttons)

4. A gay biker looking man planning his wedding for next Christmas (who bought all blue, silver and white fabric and big felt snowflakes)

5. A beautiful 65 year old going away on a cruise (who bought chiffon)

6. A young man making a green sceen so he could make videos (he is entering a contest- bought 10 m of green twill)

7. A young man who wanted to get his motorcycle seat recovered (he bought vinyl and commissioned me to sew it)

8. Another young man who bought his Dad a car for Christmas and bought 10m of red vinyl to make a big bow around it!

These are the people who have stood out but I really enjoy helping all the customers! I never thought I would! Not only do I cut and sell fabric. I also get to advise, give my opinion, and just admire.

Of course my feet are still sore and the arthritis in my fingers aches at the end of a day.
Minor trade offs I'd say.

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