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Sunday, January 21, 2007

My first Zakaa Bag,Fabric and a Painting

Well....There are improvements to be made but I learned alot making this Zakka bag. The bottom is knit out of linen yarn. Top is a linen look fabric lined with a cotton/poly.

I read the tutorial by Black Dog Knits and misread cm's for inches (duh) so my bag is much bigger. Actually it will make a good shoe bag. I am going to do another one tonight in the proper measurments! Despite my error a fun project!

I seem to be spending alot of my wages at Fabricland!.. I got flannelette for PJ's for all 4 of us. The St. Patrick's Day flannelette is for Patrick because when he was little he thought that St. Pat's was his special day! The penguins are for the birding DH. The sheep is for the 2 knitters in the family me and Rhea.

Oh No! More fabric! My stash is growing very quickly! The picture turned out very dark but there are 2 paisleys for something, a quilted cardinal fabric for a seat cover (I think) and the bottom fabric is for a blouse for me. I just remembered I also have some drapery fabric for my bedroom.

My very talented friend Eric painted this masterpiece!

I am in awe.


Anonymous said...

I printed out that bag pattern as soon as she posted it. Your's came out terrific!! I like that it's bigger - I was thinking of making a big one to use as a handbag for casual shopping days and running errands and such. It would look really cute!! Wow, I can't believe that last image in a painting. I was sure it was a photo. I'm in awe too!!

Nora said...

Martina, I love it!! I'm sorry that I wasn't clearer regarding the measurements - although a bigger bag isn't all that bad!

Anonymous said...

*giggle* A Canadian mistaking cm for inches. I'm sorry but it's cracking me up - I had such a hard time when I moved to Canada getting used to km instead of miles and everything else. No I'm not laughing at you just at the irony. You're right - it's a great shoe bag and I just came to work with my shoes in a plastic grocery bag.

Your fabric is lovely. I'm besotted by penguins. Your friends painting is truly stunning.

Monika said...

The bag looks great, no matter how big it is! That's what you get working in a fabric store! More fabric! ;o) The painting is beautiful!

Cathy said...

Your zakka bag turned out great. I love the fabrics, buying it is so addictive. And the painting is fantastic.

Charity said...

Love the finished zakka bag! Great colour combo. :0)