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Monday, February 03, 2014

Winter's Sweet Grip

 I have blogged on the Little Green House Blog too!

Would I really call it sweet?  Right now it is beautiful outside.  Bright white snow and beautiful sun (Oh the Beautiful sun!) making it look sweet and sugary.  Although warmer the past few days it is still c-c-cold! The ice is also reflecting the sun making the house behind us shimmer.
It is during winters like this that I wish I could be a person who loves to ski or snowboard.  Alas that is not me.  I am on the couch avoiding the cold while I knit. Not a bad thing in my world but cabin fever does set in a bit quicker if you are not one to venture out into the tundra.  Brrrrr.

And knitting I have been. Finished off a few commissions and am also in the process of working on a shawl pattern that I picked up in Rhinebeck a few years ago.
Doesn't look like much yet but I am loving the yarn.  Ottawa by HandMaiden.  The Pattern is Wrap Me Up by Chris de Longpre of KnittingatKnoon.
It is a great stitch sampler shawl.  

This past week was my birthday too. Getting older is a process that needs to be ignored after a certain age and the celebration of said aging process is better left alone ....well... except for the cake.  On the actual day of my day of birth I lunched at a local restaurant, Chatterpaul's, and had the most awesome carrot cake. Love it when Restaurants feed the birthday person no charge!!

I was going to write about the onslaught of time and the aging process. 
Yadda Yadda Yadda. 
And so it goes.
The winter of life grips sweetly. It does not leave. Better learn to go outside in it.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Vortex Shmortex

The Polar Vortex is back.

It feels like the cold we used to get when I was a child in Montreal.
So cold that your nose hairs freeze.  So cold that it hurts to breathe in too deeply.

Walking on snow at this cold temperature creates a wonderful squeaky noise.  Like plastic on plastic. I love the sound. Walking the dog tonight made that sound.  Of course she hates it.  She rushes out to

 her spot, does her business and then rushes back to the house usually with one leg in the air. Actually she alternates the legs. raising the coldest paw or the one with salt in the pad.    Today she wore her sweater and got lovely paw cream on her pads when we got in.  Wish I had a photo of it.

What is to do on a Polar Vortex night?
Cocoon beside the fireplace and watch Rick Mercer.

Vortex Shmortex!