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Friday, January 05, 2007

Stocking Stitch and more

Stocking Stitch.

And stocking stitch.

And more stocking stitch.

...And I still have the arms to do! Sigh.

. So went to buy yarn.

The colour of the Naturally Aran Tussock is actually a beautiful rich blueish green with black and burgundy fibers.

I fell in love and then more so when I heard 50% off. How could I pass it up?? I am planning on making a sweater for me out of it!

Also in there is Sirdar Country Style DK for a pair of leggings for Rhea.

Now back to blue stocking stitch!!


Cathy said...

Miles and miles of st st with no end in sight. I know that feeling!

Charity said...

Sigh. Stocking stitch looks so wonderful, but can be so aggravating to knit!

Yay, a sweater for you! And yarn at 50% off? How could you pass that up? :0)

Dorothy said...

Simple mindless t.v. knitting. Perfect.

sandra said...

It would be sin to pass by 50% off!