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Thursday, February 01, 2007

I Want off the Island!

My long drawn out sleeve island is coming to an end soon. I keep getting bored and doing other things but I am bound and determined to get that sleeve done tonight!!!! I am an island and I feel no pain (I wish).

In the meantime I knit a wee little sweater for a baby one of my friends had in December. Do you not all love how quick baby sweaters are? Just yarn from the stash . Something I inherited from someone else because I can stand to see yarn thrown away. No label, chunky wieght, a little bit of fancy yarn in the front for fun. This is also my first project for February colours

Another project I was working on (and working on) was a motorcycle seat cover out of vinyl. It got picked up and I got paid today! It was a learning process and if there is ever a next time there are things that I would do differently. Any how the guy wanted extra padding for a trip out to the eastern provinces this coming summer and he wanted it removable. Done. I am so glad it is.

It kind of looks like a giants shoe doesn't it?


Cathy said...

Sleeves can drive me daffy! And baby sweaters are a great diversion. Yours is so cute.

Monika said...

Like the new look. Projects like this seat cover make me want to cry. They are always a pain in the a.....
Good for you, to finish it and get paid for it!!! ;o)