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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Waiting Room Knitting

This lovely ball of novelty yarn was given to me by my
Dad's wife as she sat with me in the Cardio Waiting room doing her rug hooking. It is not a yarn that works for rug hooking so I will make a fun scarf for her using it and another eyelash yarn.
This is the extent of the Jaywalkers. I don't like how they are turning out. The zig zag pattern is not noticable enough. I want to frog and start a plain pair that I think would show off the yarn better. I'm taking votes. Should I or shouldn't I?

This is the Canada Goose Vest for my Father. I have completed about 8" of the front. I have finished the back already. The first row of the cable design was ripped out 3 times before I got it right. I was tired and distracted by my purpose in the waiting room. Once I got the first row finalized the cabling carried on easily. I do love to cable!!

As I was knitting this I felt, possibly unreasonably, that I was linked with the progress of his surgery and then recovery. I worried when I kept ripping out and felt more sure of the good outcome of the surgery as it came together.

Tomorrow is Monday. The end of June is nearer.

Tonight is a full moon.


Kelly said...

I thought I was the only knitting blogger in Whitby, but we're all popping out of the woodwork now!

I think I agree that the jaywalkers need a different yarn to allow the pattern to show up more. That vest looks great though!

Dipsy said...

My vote: Don't rip the Jays! Even if the pattern doesn't show up the way you expected it to, you'll still have a pair of gorgeous socks in the end! Plus, when I did mine, it also took me a while to really get to see the pattern through the yarn, so to say, when I was about the height you're now I also thought about frogging them, but then I was pretty glad I didn't do it! The pattern will show up better when you wear them!
Oh, and I looove how the vest is coming along, it's going to be so beautiful!

Sandra said...

You are very busy with all that knitting! Keep on going! Hope everything will turn out good for your Dad!

Cathy said...

I hope your father is doing better and recooping quickly. His sweater is starting out fabulously!

I agree with you with the jaywalkers, the yarn and the pattern are competing for attention. But they will still look good if you don't want to rip them out.

kt said...

I say frog away! That yarn will tell you what it really wants to be when it grows up.

Best wishes to your Dad.

Melissa said...

Hope your dad is doing well!