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Thursday, June 29, 2006

School's out..

School's out for summer! Ah, yes fading away as the sun sets!!
I have July off. I need July off.
I need to breathe.
I need to refind my center.
I need to reconnect with my family.
I need July off. I have July off.
I had a very frustrating day at work today. I confronted someone that, according to me, needed confronting. It always takes its toll when you choose to confront. It is not a route that I would recommend to anyone. But if you are a person like me with a really low BS threshold it is going to happen on a semi regular basis. Many people may think that I am a b-i-t-c-h and possibly they are right but there is only so long that I can hold my tongue. Then I start being abrupt and standoffish. Then if that doesn't take care of the issue, I confront. So today I confronted a very self centred, high need, childish, adult and I didn't solve a thing. I teach 4 and 5 year olds and I expect them to need my constant reinforcement and to talk to me without regard to what I may be dealing with at the time. Four year olds are by nature high need, selfcentered and childish and I accept that. I do not expect a co-worker in her 40s to need me to treat her the way I treat my 4 year olds. I need her to step up to the plate and do her job. I need her to be self confident enough and focussed on the children enough that her needs come in second (at least between the hours of 9 to 5). Oh how I wish I was a person who could take on these needy people and make it my life's work to make them feel better but that is not me. No it is not. So usually in December and in June I find that I have enough stressors in my life that I am completely unable to tolerate divas. I want them to all grow up! Suck it up! and do their jobs without being so needy!!
Ok. I'm done.
My apologies to any divas (of which I may be one)!


Sandra said...

I have few divas in my environment, including SIL (Danijela, not Ksenija) who will prbably never grow up! LUckilly, when she returns from USA she will have ner own place to live (not with my MIL downstairs)

Lazy cow said...

Oh yes, it is very wearing being a 'real' adult in the workplace. That is why I don't miss working one bit: I get to choose which adults to associate with (until my kids are old enough to choose their own friends!) Have a great July break.
PS Now I know who my Ontario lurker is :-)