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Monday, June 26, 2006

Good Grief... It's Monday...OHM...

It's Monday. The day after a very emotional weekend. It is good to get back to some normality. I was actually having a tough time coming up with something to talk about that wouldn't bore any one (fair warning!!that may happen anyways!!) So I spent 10 minutes snapping photos because a blog with pictures is more fun to read than a blog with none!

This is another stained glass piece done by my Mother. It is wrought iron filled with stained glass. It towers over my garden like a big flower guardian. There are two more like it. One in blue and one in red. One day when I have no other pictures to show you I'll post them.

I love the textures of the rhubarb seeds agains the silver leaf vine. Pretty much how I feel these days ...gone to seed....

Kessie!! In the backyard. Poor baby is going to be spayed tomorrow. I'll be without her for all of tomorrow. Boo Hoo! She doesn't know what is coming and I feel so guilty knowing what is!

My corner of contemplation. The pond doesn't show well but it is there. The little black spot! There! Surrounded by a peony that is almost faded out, gout weed, tiger lilies, dog wood, hosta and fern. This is a corner that I needed this evening in order to put life into perspective. Ah, yes, the Father's wife is just not worth it, I am loved by those who are important to me and ...the mass I have to have an aspiration biopsy on will be nothing. Now that was a way to end a day! I go next week for a consult and to set up the surgery. All fingers crossed please.

AHH...Just another picture of my beautiful daughter on her graduation day. She left with her class today for a trip to Montreal. I know she is going to have so much fun!! I miss her so much!

Last night I didn't feel like working on the Canada Goose Vest (which I am almost ready to do the arm decreases for the front)or either pairs of I started one of those mindless fluffy scarf knits. Brainless fluff complicated only by the fact that I am alternating two balls of yarn. A present for when I need one and have none. It's always good to have a few of those in the cupboard.

I am now going to get out of my work clothes and go to the backyard and mindlessly knit more fluff! OHM.....


Sandra said...

I don't like write entries without pics, too! Like that floral corner!
BTW, I am literaly covered with Martinas!There are so many of them around here! Even my older girl's godmother is Martina!

Cathy said...

Your contemplation spot is lovely! I'm sure your worries seem less problematic when you are there. I'm sending good thoughts for your biopsy.

Lulu said...

beautiful doggie..

Dorothy said...

Sorry you had a bad day. Glad you have such a pretty spot to go and relax.
I love the stained glass flower. Your Mother did such a good job.
Your little dog won't remember getting spayed in a few months and she'll always blame the vet not you.
Fingers crossed, prayer said.