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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sew a Long Top

I have finally cut out my top for the sew? I knit! sew a long! Why I ever joined a sew a long in June I'll never know but I am bound and determined to be completed be July 15th. That means I have 5 days to complete it if I want the top done before we go camping. If I manage to procrastinate enough and not get it done I will have 3 days to finish once we get back. We are getting a site with no electricity so taking the sewing machine to the camp grounds won't work. Knitting will be the order of the day there!
Kessie had her surgery today and came through it ok. It is a lonely house tonight with my daughter in Montreal and my dog overnighting at the vets. Just JM, Patrick and myself. That is why I decided to cut out the pattern tonight . Kessie likes being up on the bed and that is where I usually cut out since I have no table other than the dining room table large enough. It'd be no fun cutting out with a puppy bouncing around trying to attack the scissors and eat pattern paper.
No knitting action today as of yet but I think I'll do some work on the Canada goose vest now!
Ta Ta


Cathy said...

Cutting is such a pain. I don't have any good spaces either and I've got two cats, a dog, and my son who all think they are my assistants. I hope your sweet Kelsie is home soon and happy!

Melissa said...

I have never sewed more than a button, so I'm amazed by anyone who sews.
Hope all is okay with the dog (since (s)he's at the vet)

Dorothy said...

Nice material