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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Jay Walkers

Although my last post was complaining about how busy June is for me I did have time for some knitting. I managed to restart the Jay Walker socks and get a relataively good start at it. Because of the need to be working etc. the progress will undoubtably be slow but if I can knit a few rows a day I will be a happy camper.

Talking about camping. I booked our summer week of camping. We decided to go to Grundy Lake near Sudbury. It's about a 5 hour drive north of here so black flies and mosquitos should be abundant but there will also be the call of the Loons in the evening. I love to listen to the Loons. I am so looking forward to it....if only I actually make it though June with my sanity. Well, if I don't I'll be able to get it back while at Grundy I am sure.

The interesting thing about being a teacher, for me at least, is that it is a fairly extroverted job. All day long a teacher must communicate and be communicated with. I love it but my central essence is that of an introvert. I am very happy being alone and creating or reading. During a school year I don't get to do much of that since I also have children at home who need to be communicated with. In the summer all I want to do is be alone so it is what I do most of. Of course I don't cut off my kids or my husband but I really pull back out of society. Then once September comes again I know I have to gear up and go back into the world otherwise I would become a complete recluse. I like other people too much to be that. So my extroverted side comes back into dominance. It is a very bipolar life but a satisfying life!

Now I must go and get on with the multitude of tasks that loom before me!!


Dipsy said...

So cool that you started the Jaywalkers again - they're going to look gorgeous! Great that you booked your camping trip for the summer, what a relief to look forward to a bit of peace and ralaxation, no?

Cathy said...

I hear you on the introverted/extroverted teaching. I teach at the community college occassionally and it wears me out because I am very much an introvert. I need lots of recovery time.

Enjoy your camping, you deserve it!