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Friday, June 30, 2006

New Knitting Store!

I was driving in downtown Whitby looking for a comic book store for
my son and his friend. Of course they only knew it was on Brock
off of Hwy #2. I chose the direction north from #2 and no
comic book store. I then turned the vehicle around and
started back south. Then , on the East side, a sign jumped
put at me. WOOL SHOP. OMG, a wool shop in downtown
Whitby! I almost stopped the car then and there despite the
presence of two boys who would have made the visit irritating
( I assume) but I carried on south until the comic book store
sign jumped out at them. Then, what do you think I did?
You are right! I returned to the sight of the sign. I parked
my car. I entered the shop. Definitely a wool shop. A high
end wool shop! Silk, cotton, wool, hemp! Sock yarn and
DK weight too. All clean and new and only been open for
one week. The stock was choice stock although still a bit
thin in quantity. Of course I bought the sock yarn pictured
below! Opal Superwash, virgin wool., 100 oz., 425 m. Yum.

The Purple Flamingo really likes this yarn!
I really like this yarn.
Must....Not...Start....Another ....Pair...of...Socks
Must...finish...other ....2....pair...first.

Kessie is staring at me from her "Mommy at the computer"

spot says, "stayed tuned and see if Mommy can resist..."

The name and location in case those of you in the Whitby

Ontario region want to pop by: Kniterary, 229 Brock St. N.

Tel: (905) 668-8368


Dorothy said...

Makes a trip south even more enticing!

kt said...

Ooh, I've heard of Opal, and that stuff is GAWGEOUS! What's the colourway? I have to finishe my first ever pair of socks before I even consider more yarn....

Congrats on the new addition to the neighborhood! (And on your remarkable restraint in waiting to get the boys to their zen-zone before you indulged. Delayed gratification is sweet!)