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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Grey...or is it Gray??

Today is grey (gray?) day.
In my grey picture: a gargoyle, grey shirt, Canada Goose vest front, bicycle lock, cheese grater, a soap stone carving and a book called
Dark Horse about George Harrison.
Did you know there were 2 spellings for Grey (Gray)? Completely correct either way you chose to spell it. Go figure. The english language is so wierd sometimes!
Blog question....Can anybody see my sidebar currently. I can't when I view my site. The information is in the template but the #$@*&^ thing is not showing up on the screen. Has this happened to any one before? If so how was it fixed? I am not handling the frustration well at the moment.
Father update.... He is progressing well and has been moved out of ICU onto a ward. He is being a bit foggy. But fogginess is one of the temporary side effects. Apparently he thought my sister was giving him an ECG a couple of days ago and he thought one of his nurses was me until he realized she had bushier eyebrows than me. He thought maybe I had left JM and moved to Kitchener and was working at the hospital 3 days a week. This will probably embarass him once he has his wits back but as long as it is a temporary side effect it is a bit amusing.
Returning to the report card pile! I may surface tomorrow.


kt said...

I always use "grey" if given half a chance.

I love your collection--so many textures! And George Harrison with facial hair--YUM.

Glad to hear your Dad's making progress. My dad had similar confusion after heart surgery a few years ago--thought I was my sister, etc--and it cleared up very quickly.

sandra said...

No, can't see sidebar! And sorry, really can't help!
Glad your father is getting better! He is happy to have you as a daughter!
BTW, I am always confused (in matter of fact, I am natural born as confussed person) whether I should write grey or gray when it comes to coloure! And sometimes I am more that lazy to check my dictionary!

Dipsy said...

It's so good to hear that your Dad's doing so much better already - this fogginess will sure be gone soon, and I have my fingers crossed that he'll be getting really well very soon!
Your sidebar is there on the page, but way down - I have to scroll for quite a while to get to see it. I think the reason for that is that one - or more - of the pics you added to your blog entries must have been too big, so it obviously resized the whole layout. But - I'm sorry, I don't have any idea how to change that, I know a bit about Web design, but have no clue how Blogger's codes work. If you try to make all the pics you added a bit smaller, it might work out.
As for the grey/gray-matter, this definitely confuses me ever since I've started learning english. Good to know that both versions are correct - perhaps one is the American and one the British version, what do you think?

Karen said...

I always use gray . . . I don't know why. :) I think I know the deal with your sidebar. If I view your blog in my Firefox browser everything looks fine. If I view it in Internet Explorer, your sidebar is way at the bottom (like Dipsy said). I think the problem is the "Your 20's Name" thing in the sidebar. To fix it, go into your template and go down to where you added that. See at the very beginning, it says "table width=350"? Try changing that to "table width=200". Also, at the end of that code, you need to add {/table} (but replace { } with < >) to close it (that's why it changed the color of the rest of your sidebar). I think this should fix it, but e-mail me if you need more help. :)

Melissa said...

I often wondered about the grey/gray thing!
The gargoyle cracks me up becuase it makes me think of that lunatic (from Louisiana of course) on Wife Swap (or whatever spouse swap show) where she screamed, "They had GARGOYLES!!!" histerically.
Glad your dad is better. Medication can play funny tricks on the mind.

Cathy said...

I always spell it 'grey' and everybody within shouting distance makes sure they correct me... whatever, I like 'grey' ;) I'm glad your dad is doing better and I'm sure you will have some amusing stories to tell him when the fog lifts!

Yes, I see the sidebar.