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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Windsor Whirlwind!

I was away in Windsor attending a wedding this weekend with the ever so emotional Munroe clan. I swear that lot tears up so easily I always end up feeling like I am so cold hearted. Which those who know me know I am not.

I just don't cry easily! Never have. Some women ball their eyes out during sad movies but I rarely do. A tear here a tear there and that is about it.

But the Groom for God's sake was almost unable to make it through his vows, his speech, his dance with his Mom etc... Then everytime I looked around some other Munroe was dabbing at their eyes!

I think they find it as funny as I do! They just can't help it. And, you've got to love a group of people who are so in touch with their feelings. Maybe it shows the difference between Scottish lineage and German lineage! Germans are so good at keeping it all under control. Or, maybe it has nothing to do with heritage but the my ability to erect protective walls during emotional events...

I got a few good photos too. One that I love of Papa Munroe's nearly 90 year old hands.

And another of Nana Munroe looking a bit pensive.

I swear every other time I looked at her she was laughing at me! Who knows what I was doing but by the end of the evening she was holding on to her jaw because it hurt so much for laughing! It is always great to see her out and enjoying herself!
My favorite part of the evening was, you guessed it, the dancing!!! One of the things that I dislike about being of an older, respectable age is the rarity with which a dance floor is available for just dancing! Not organised, formal dancing but the freeform go with the beat dancing. Dancing with a group of people who don't give a rats ass what your technique is. A group who can get just as into the rythm as me. And that is what the Munroe clan women are good at!! (Barb and Sheila especially!) This time though all our husbands joined in and that was a hoot! At one point everybody kicked their shoes into the middle of the circle and danced barefoot. Everyone but me that is because I had on heels that were strapped on and I had no intention of sitting down to take them off! And..I was 3" taller than usual which is always a good thing when you are only 5'2"!
Note to self: Must get invited to way more weddings! Just for the dancing!


jim said...

the things those hands have done and the places they've been. WW2 sports family. that's my dad & mom.
and the dancing was a blast

Vickie said...

So glad you had a wonderful time.