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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Week Before the Prom

At the end of every High School year the graduates get to go to a formal outing to celebrate the passage of their teenageness as they grow into young adults.

This year it is my daughter's turn.

Where does the time go?

I remember sending her off to her first party in her Belle Dress and now

she is ready to head off to the party that marks the end of her need to have me sending her off.

It is a good thing. I keep telling myself that.

This weekend was the marathon Prom Dress Making weekend. Louise came over and created magic with Dupioni silk and 2 sewing machines.

Louise is my very closest of friends. We have shared all the ups and downs of our lives with each other for about 30 years.

She was one of the first people after family to meet Rhea and now she is helping her grow some more!

And now for the dress in rehearsal. The first complete try on!

Sometimes you just have to look at your children and wonder how you managed to be a part of making something so beautiful.

Sometimes you just have to wonder why an amazing woman thinks she is not longer photo worthy!

The Big Prom is this Friday. I will make sure to post the photos!


Jim said...

My beautiful baby girl, I think I,m goona bawl

Martina said...


Emily said...

Beautiful, beautiful dress - it's perfect. And the woman in the dress? Stunning!