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Monday, May 24, 2010

Good Morning Birds

One of the sounds of spring, summer and fall that I love is the sound of the birds in the early morning.
I always sleep with the window open a bit even in the dead of winter for the fresh air.
In the winter the mornings are almost deathly quiet with only a few of the bravest of birds out and about before the sun warms the air a bit.
Once there are longer times of daylight and the migrating birds start returning from their warmer homes mornings get quite raucus.
This morning I lay in later than usual (8 AM) and listened.
Close by were the Sparrows, Chickadees, and Goldfinches among others I couldn't identify. There were probably Robins and yes there were the Mourning Doves. Far off were the Crows yelling at everybody (They were probably harassing a hawk or something like that) and the Ring Billed Gulls finding food.
Such a musical treat. If I could compose music they would be my inspiration.

Of course birds get up at the crack of dawn so there have been days when I have been woken at 4 AM and cursed a wee bit. And then I remember the silence of winter and I enjoy. I allow them to sing or chatter me back to sleep.
Mornings are always good when started with the sound of birds.

Birds over Lake
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Jim said...

Great entry Mar, inspiring words from an avid birdwatchers wife