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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Grooming Day

Today Kessie got groomed. She is not a fan of the grooming but she loves
Lindsay from Furr n Purr!
Here she is before her grooming.

One and Half hours afterwards she is back with bows on!

Kessie is a high maintenance gal. It takes the bulk of the time to groom her head while she wiggles all over the place! Having Lindsay come to us is so much better for Kessie. Hardly any stress at all! No crating or spending hours listening to other stressed dogs bark. She calms down almost as soon as she is in the door.

While she was being groomed today I groomed as well. Not an unusual occurance for me. I actually need to groom more frequently than Kessie. I know you thought I woke up naurally beautiful!!



I am a low maintenance gal. Wash and go sort. But I do need my mascara!

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jim said...

You are a natural beauty to me always