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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mom's Day Oddments

Happy Mother's Day to me!
I bartered myself a new earring and necklace set! Thanks Tara for wanting the Whitby Wrap!


Rhea in the Whitby Wrap
I am not finished my triangular shawl obsession! I am currently working on one that is tree colours. I am combining Naturally Tussuck with hand spun that Cathy bartered with me.
My Bartered Tree Striation Shawl!
Also working on a sock and lace weight in mauve and terra cotta. As I was working on it I cam across a photo of roof tops in Burgundy France. The colours are almost exactly the same.
My Burgundy Striation Shawl!

Had a relatively successful Studio Sale this weekend as mentioned in last post. Now I have to start gearing up for the November show.

Oh, And Jen has invited me to her place in Newfoundland in October! I can't wait! Her house is on the ocean!


jim said...

I'm jeajous. The birds I could add tomy list from aNfld ocean view. Did I say I' jealous...

jim said...

Forgot to mention whale watching without the getting seasick part

Lionel said...

You should know by now that you can't leave a teaser like that about France. Where is the picture of Burgundy?