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Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Studio Show


Today was the Studio tour. It turned out fairly well I think! Lots of people through and a few pieces sold. Of course only those that didn't get sold. Rhea took a few photos.

Brainwave is still one of my favorite pieces . It was one of those pieces that grew organically. My hands were just the medium. I don't really want to sell it because it is perfect for over the Fireplace and I love it. I have therefore put a really high price on it!

Time Exhales

This piece above was a piece that required alot of research and thought on my part. It is a depiction of how events that happened 40 years ago affect every day that follows. How one cataclysmic event can exhale over the world for minute, hours, years, generations... I loved creating this piece because it was done for a competition and I had to work within a theme. It became a very academic piece for me. I learned a lot!

All were on show and will be on show tomorrow again. I get to hang out waith Jen and Tara too! Yeah!!

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jim said...

you are very talented