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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Waxing Non-Poetic

As I was deciding what clever title I could use for this post I remembered the saying "Waxing poetic". Thus the clever twist. (oh, I am so, so amazing!) Anyhow I think that what "waxing poetic" means is having a poetic way with words. To go on and on with great embillishment. Of course I will now have to go in search of the real meaning! ( many sites for getting a wax..... Maybe someone out there can offer a definition....)

Please enjoy this picture of a Cedar Waxwing that was munching on the Mountain Ash berries next door. Taken with a digiscope by Jim the birder. Pretty, eh?

Now on to the non-poetic section....since I am so sure you all are getting a tad bored with the teaching rampages of late.... I shall attempt to be breif. I again left work with all giving taken and all energy depleted. Worn out is how I feel. This particular group of children. I am having so much difficulty finding a way to motivate in a positive way. I end up raising my voice and giving ultimatums. Usually by this time of the year the class and I have gotten into a kind of groove where we can have some happy fun times together while learning. I am hoping this group can make the transition by December. On the whole they find it very difficult apply good behaviour learned in one activity to another activity.

Bit more knitting done on the Mystery knit or "Le Tricot Mystere" as I like to call it. Yep, I do like how the colours are coming together.

Tonight is Grey's Anatomy night so more knitting on the shawl to come. Hopefully I'll actually be able to do a fair chunk of it tonight. Don't hold your breath though.

A Kessie Comment:

I keep my teeth white with toilet paper rolls! Ain't I cute?


Dorothy said...

You are right about the meaning of the term "To wax poetic". It means to go on about a particular subject or person at great length with much enthusiasm. I had a link, but I accidentally hit copy instead of paste and lost it. Sorry.
Pretty bird picture. Try sending it to a calendar and see if they will accept it.
I hope something works with your kids this year. I wish I knew how to turn things around for you.
Your mystery knit has some pretty colours in it. I can't wait to see what it is and how it turns out.
My cats think that toilet paper rolls make fabulous 4:00am play toys on the linoleum.
Kelsie is so cute with her bright white smile.

Dorothy said...

Ooops, duh. Kessie. I am so tired, I really need to sleep.

Dipsy D. said...

Oh, what an awesome bird photo this is! And Kessie must be the cutest dog I've ever seen, what lovely little face!

Charity said...

Martina, you sound so tired out and frustrated! I'm sorry this class is so difficult for you, but I'm sure you'll pull them all together with grace and joy.

Have fun with your shawl tonight - I'm glad to hear you're giving yourself a break! :0)

Miss Scarlett said...

Oh my - sounds like you have a difficult group this Fall. Add co-workers into the mix and YIPES! Who needs work? If only money was free for the asking.
Give them a little more time - it may be like learning a new language, that is how rare consideration can be for children.
Look at your little one! Too precious.
I have a cat that carries my wool, her balls, spools of thread etc. and leaves them in my room. The things they do.
Oh- and I wish mine waited until the toilet roll was empty! You have a patient dog.

Jo said...

Kessie is glorious and seems far more positively motivated than my own Sophie who is inclined to be very very shy. DH most jealous of the cedar waxwing and heading for your part of the world instantly.

Waxing poetic is linked to the waxing and waning of the moon, by the way. Makes sense when you think about all that advice to plant seeds or start projects on the waxing moon. PROJECTS? Don't get me started on listing mine for pity's sake. You're nowhere near even a semi-crisis in that department.

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