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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Kessie

Today Kessie turns 1 year old! It seems just yesterday I held the 2 day old puppy who would be named Kestrel...Kessie for short. I think she is about a week old in this picture.


And here she is in her Birthday suit!! She is my wee pride and joy! Her newest trick is climbing up onto my shoulder to cuddle in while I am at the computer or knitting. I think that she has finally figured out that if she gets closer to my face than my hands she gets more attention.

WIPs: A scarf in orange. Two yarns combined. One novelty yarn I bought from Lewiscraft when they were going out of business and varegated Mandarin Petit.
The grey is the start of a prayer shawl. I hope the grey looks good when done. If not I'll frog and start again. Sock weight yarn. So far I like the texture. I'll be knitting tonight along with Grey's Anatomy!! Woo Hoo!

Two odds and sods purses. To be felted. Beige one is assorted Lopi with a little bit of something from the bottom of my left over yarns. The dark one is Lopi knit alternately with the bottom of the pile left over and, towards the top, a sock yarn.

There is a full moon this Saturday. It is a Harvest Moon. They get so big they are amazing ! It is supposed to be a nice weekend here in Ontario so I hope to see it. Since it is Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend we are going to my sister's new cottage to celebrate. Since we'll be in the country I hope that we have a good view! The full moon also explains why some of the children at work are bouncing off the ceilings!

TGIF tomorrow!!


Monika said...

Such a cutie! I love puppies! Your bags look good even pre felting! ;o) Happy Thanksgiving!

Dorothy said...

Happy Birthday to the cutest little dog on the internets! Apollo would be the cutest medium-sized dog.

Pretty bags. Cool way to use up yarn odds and ends.

barbp said...

Awwwwww too cute. Psst Kessie, come here, woof grrrrr wooof. Good girl, and happy birthday.

Cathy said...

Happy Birthday, Kessie!!!

That is a great use of Mandarin Petit... I have a whole bagful of it that I haven't been able to use, now I do.

Happy Thanksgiving! have a great weekend.

Charity said...

Kessie is lovely - hard to believe a year can go so quickly!

I love Mandarin Petit, it feels so soft in my fingers. :0)

sandra said...

Happy b-day to cute, sweat little dog!
Oh, orange! Soooo my coloure!
Can't wait for bags to be felted!

kt said...

Happy Birthday Kessie!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the moon--it's been making it's presence known at my office, too--sympathies!

Dipsy D. said...

My gosh, the cuteness! I can't get enough of this sweet little face - Kessie must be the cutest dog I've seen for long! Happy, happy birthday to her! Now - did you spoil her?
I love the WIPs you've going on at the moment, especially the scarf is going to look so funky!
Have a lot of fun at the weekend!