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Friday, October 20, 2006

Serenity Now!

What a week!

I managed to finish the orange scarf (which Rhea loves and wants).

On Thursday evening was parent/teacher interview night for Rhea. It was one of the best things I could have done for my mood and morale! Such glowing reports!! Jim and I must be doing something right! I am so proud of her!

This is the Paton's Bag felted one time. The stitches seem more noticable in the pic that in real life. It shrunk up about half as big.
I have also been having a hard time sticking to the many projects I have on the go right now. I started up a log cabin blanket using left overs. I am going to do various size squares and then piece them together. It will keep the project managable in size and keep it a project I can put away when I am enthralled with something again.

I keep plugging away at my Grey's KAL Shawl. I used it for meditating on love, foregiveness and calm for a bit when I was home on Wednesday.

Here's to the weekend!


Liz K. said...

Lucky for you that you have a meditation shawl after the week you had.


Cathy said...

You needed that shawl! I can't believe some people have no sense whatsoever. I'm sorry you were put through that.

Miss Scarlett said...

That is terrible!
I work in childcare so I have been there myself - it is atrocious the scenes people will cause in front of children.
I'm glad that your week got better - good for you for taking care of yourself too.
It's a necessity.
Excellent idea to focus on positive things while knitting with Grey's - ahhhh if only we could confine drama to one hour a week - think of all we could accomplish!

Charity said...

Oh, Martina, I can sympathize! I hate confrontations like that, and spend the next couple of days scripting out the answers I would like to have given.

Look at all the knitting you've been doing! :0)

Dorothy said...

Some people have no sense of maturity and privacy. I think a lot of adults need to go to school to learn how to grow up. I encounter so many idiots everytime I go to the grocery store or a restaurant that sometimes I wonder what kind of world we are going to be living in when we get too old to run things anymore.

Thank God for decent parents like you who are actually teaching their kids how to mature well.

barbp said...

Sad when people don't care to act like an adult in front of children. Sounds like you were the one to teach the children restraint in this instance. Maybe you can use it in your lesson plan as an example of how not to treat their classmates. Of course I would take it a step further and then send the parent, the lesson plan and her grade (this is why I was a cop and not a teacher LOL). Glad your week went better. Lovely knitting BTW.

Gina said...

That's despicable Martina. You did the only thing you could do - stand there and take it - but it's a lose lose situation when they go for your throat in front of their own kids. If you stand up for yourself (good modelling in assertiveness) they will escalate. Remember them though (like you could forget) and NEVER see them in your room again. ALWAYS have an administrator present. If that's not possible, then snag a colleague. Somehow, bullying parents are less likely to engage in front of adult witnesses.
Blessings to you

jen said...

Oh yuck - that's so difficult. And totally not fair. I remember when I worked as a swimming instructor (not quite the same thing but..) it was the parents who made life difficult. Good for you for keeping cool in front of your class - and for taking a day to recover. And Hoooray for Rhea! Hope your weekend is nice and relaxing. Next week will be better :)

Dipsy D. said...

Gosh, what a week - yay for the meditation shawl indeed! Great projects you have on the go!

sandra said...

I have few female friends working as teachers and all of them are claming to have more problems with parents than students!