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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Felted Bowl

I have been experimenting again! I guess that is not too unusual for me. I took a felted bowl that was a bit too bland for me and embellished!

I have a picture of the bowl pre felting. It is the beige one.

Unfortunately I took no picture of the felted pre-adornment state.

But here is the finished product (I think).

I added all the lines around the body of the bowl and also added some colour to the handle which was originally I-cord. It still is I-cord just flattened a bit.

How did I do it? Well a while ago I purchased this super duper Clover felting tool.

The yellow and green handle contains felting needles. All you have to do is place the item that you are attatching pieces to on the brush, unlock the needles then plunge the needles in and out of fabric until they are felted together! I had so much fun just grabbing left over yarn bits and arranging them around the bowl and felting them in. I didn't preplan I just went and went until it felt (ha ha) done. I found that I could just let my creativity take over when doing this. And! The results were almost immediate! I love instant gratification!!

If you live the Durham, Ontario region these are available at Myrtle Station Wool in Myrtle Station on Hwy 12.

Next time I do it I'll be sure to document each phase.


barbp said...

Myrtle Station - is that in the Port Perry area maybe South of it? I visit my inlaws several times a year and am always looking for a new yarn store up there. I may have to check out that felting tool, what a great idea and what you did is great!!!

Charity said...

I've seen this tool, but wondered how effective it would be. Nice to hear your take on it! :0)

monica said...

thank you for your comment on the bib. Made me feel much better.

I've never felted (is there such a word?) with 'needles'... must give it a go especially if it's that quick!

Cathy said...

I love it! I never think of embellishments when something comes out bland but yours always look great.

Pam Aries said...

Hi Martina ! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am so glad to be back on line! I know nothing about felting , altho I have come across it a lot lately! I used to knit.... I can't remember how!

sandra said...

embellished bag is great - so cheery! It is always good to play with your yarn!

Dipsy D. said...

This is really awesome - great job!

Dorothy said...

Love how it turned out. Sounds like a fun process.

Jo said...

Yes, like Charity I saw this tool and couldn't think of how I would use it. Now I know! And I wonder if I could use some marvellous coloured carded wool I picked up. Do you put it on before felting, afterwards, during, whatever? Maybe I should look it up on the Net, but it's nice to ask someone who's done it!
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