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Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Healing Road

The road to healing goes through my LYS.
I visited there today to pick up buttons. I love buttons. I could buy and buy buttons almost as often as yarn or shoes or purses. The purchase of any of those four things seems to assist in healing the tattered soul. The great thing about a yarn store is that you can get yarn and buttons. Both of which can be used to create a purse if so desired! I suppose they could also be used to create a pair of shoes but, for me, not the healing kind.

So I headed up the road to buy buttons to finish one of my purses.

Then I got a large silver button to go on the denim coloured felted purse (pictured under the basket weave buttons above) and some fun sheep head silver ones ...just 'cause.

While I was there I had a chat with my friend and LYS owner about positive changes I need in my life.

My local yarn store....yarn, buttons, guidance and validation. What more could you need? Shoes. Now that would be a store! Yarn, buttons and shoes under one roof! Throw in an ice cream bar (cappuccino?) and we're in business! I'm off to write up my business plan now!

Action on the home front: Rhea caught in action! Doing housework!! I had to ask her to but she did it with thoroughness and without complaint!

Notice the front door behind her with our lovely Japanese Maple glowing through. Above our front door the stained glass window my mother made for me for my 40th birthday.

Close up view:

Something about this window makes me relax.

I hope everybody's weekend is fun and relaxing!


Miss Scarlett said...

I've never tried buying buttons - you certainly found some lovely ones.
A much healthier choice than a Pumpkin Pie Blizzard!

How nice of your girl to help you out.

That window is lovely - what a talented family you are!

Jo said...

Gosh, Martina, just popped over from Ireland for a quick visit and am all amazed at what I have found! First off, your MOTHER made that window? I absolutely love the idea of working with colour through glass. I will be posting some images from one of the greatest, Harry Clarke, soon - keep an eye out for them. Then I am all for soothing the transition stages of life with yarn, hot chocolate, solid chocolate, whatever works. Don't worry sweetheart, we've all been there. I would simply start a new project (knit, quilt, crochet, whatever rang my chimes at the time) and tell myself, 'When this is completed, the problem will be finished too.' And it always was.
I'll think of you when I'm on my second Knit & Stitch Show during the week (Dublin this time, to meet Julia) since they always have lots of glorious buttons.
Love from an empathiser

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