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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sand Lake Sunset

We are back after 24 hours at Sand Lake on the Rideau Canal System. The cottage that my Sister and her husband purchased this year is on Birch Island in the lake. It has about 100 cottages on it and is accessible only by boat. When the development originated there was a bridge built but due to developper/seller issues the bridge was taken down. The center of the island had roads and interior lots planned but now the only cottages are around the edge of the island and the centre is undevelopped with lovely paths because of the original roads. Sounds perfect and it does seem that way! I took many photos but will share with you my two favorites. The first being the sunset over the lake.

The second is the same view from the property but in the morning before the mists had completely burned off.

We had a bonfire on the peninsula where I took these pictures on Saturday evening. The Moon? Full and amazing! Huge round and so bright. It never really got dark all through the night. Wish I'd been able to take a picture!

I knit some but less than I thought I would. I did finally get started on my purse kit that I bought in Windsor eons ago but I do have to frog a bit and use smaller needles for the top portion of the bag.

I did find out that it is useful being a knitter in a cottage where there is no twine to truss a turkey with!

Mardarin Petit that bound the turkey and was cooked all morning! Still strong and colourful! I chose to throw it out though due to the turkey juices that were impregating the yarn! Too funny!

Thanksgiving Lunch was yummy and filling! I still want some Pumpkin Pie! Thanks to Jae and Andy for a wonderful meal and a wonderful time!

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LisaB said...

Oh that looks like a perfect spot to vacation. Beautiful.