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Monday, October 02, 2006

Kessie's Sweater

Kessie had a really big day on Saturday! She got her fall hair cut! I went to a new groomer because the last one, whom I only used once, went out of business! I like the new groomer better! She came home in the afternoon and this is all she did!

She has so little fur on her right now that I decided to knit her a sweater.
I grabbed what I had on hand and here is the result. It kind of looks like one of those caterpillars with the furry middles ...Wooly Bear Caterpillars!

The other knitting that I did on the weekend: 2 more purses to felt.

I committed myself to make a prayer shawl for the fellowship I attend to raffle off. I thought that Prayer shawls would be difficult but anything that I look up is a rectangular shape and K3, P3 seed pattern. Has anyone seen one of these type completed? Are they nice? Or should I try a simple lace trangular shawl?

I felt busy this weekend but I can't think of anything else I did other than grocery shop and go to the Fellowship.

Ten Knitterly Things:

1. I started knitting after seeing Kaffe Fassett give a talk.
2. My husband bought me knitting classes for Christmas that year.
3. I have been knitting non-stop for 13 years.
4. I am a thrower.
5. I like to knit without a pattern.
6. I love cables.
7. I love using DK weight yarn.
8. I knit a log cabin blanket before I knew it was a thing that people do. I used up left over yarn with it.
9. I spent one summer 6 years ago Koolaid dying everything.
10. I used to knit and sell Teddy Bears.

Have a good evening!


Gina said...

I have knit the Lion Brand Homespun Prayer Shawl (triple seed pattern). It turned out nice, but was not my favourite knit. Rule number one: back away from the "Homespun". Right now I am working on a prayer shawl for my cousin in KnitPicks Suri Dream. I'm doing a washcloth shawl.
Row 1:K1, YO, K to next to last stitch from end,YO, K1
Row 2: Knit
It makes an even triangle, with eyelets at both edges. Along the base you can do a k2tog, yo all across the row before you bind off. That would create a matching series of eyelets. I don't think that either the stitch pattern or shape of shawl matter. A prayer shawl is one which is thoughtfully knit, in whatever style. If you make something with your heart focused on a thought, it becomes part of the fabric. Or so I believe.

Charity said...

I love Kessie's new sweater! What a sweetheart :0)

I really like this meme - I love these obscure but meaninful facts everyone is sharing.

Kelly said...

The dog sweater rocks!

Monika said...

Have you looked at this website? Isn't the main thing with prayer shawl the praying they do while knitting it? You can make it a nice one and have fun with it!

twig said...

Kessie is so cute. Shel went to the doggie salon this weekend, too. She doesn't particularly care to go. Annie on the other hand LOVES it.

Monica said...

we used to dress our Alsatian in a LEVIs black t-shirt and dark mirror glasses. The crazy thing was that he loved it. He didn't complain and wouldn't even shake off the glasses.

Poor dog. He was soo good. His name was Rusty. And he loved water sprinkles on the lawn. I miss him dearly.

Cathy said...

Awww... look at Kessie with all her beautiful fur chopped off! She looks so happy in her new sweater, and stylish! I keep toying with the idea of shaving my poodle down so I can make some sweaters for her, and seeing Kessie dressed up isn't making it any easier for me to resist.

sandra said...

You really, really love that dog! And she is so sweet! And that sweater...! She poses so proudly!
BTW, on your 10-things-list I am totally 4 and 6!

Dorothy said...

Kessie looks so cute in her pretty sweater.

Prayer Shawls are quite nice, but if you wanted to knit a lace shawl, you just have to include all the prayers and best wishes in the knitting. At least that's what it sounds like to me.

You love cables, eh? Your husband sounds like a real sweetie, buying you knitting lessons like that.

Suse said...

That top pic is so funny. She looks like she's in total denial ("when I awake, my fur will be back, my fur will be back, my fur will be back ...")

barbp said...

Oh how cute. Right now so many of us in PA are saying prayers, I love the idea of the prayer shawl. I'll be watching to see how it turns out.