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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Grey's Anatomy Meditation Shawl

Thanks to everyone who commented on my previous entry. Now if we (I) could just find a way to give parents the skills to teach common courtesy,etc...

The Grey's ANatomy KAL shawl gets longer! All in sock weight with a k3,p3 pattern. Lovely and light!

A close up!

I visited our local Michael's today which was its usual zoo at the check out. As usual they were short 2 cashiers! I actually went in to help Rhea buy some inexpensive yarn for a scarf but when I was there I saw Paton's 100% wool that looked like it felted really well. So I bought a ball to try it. Tonight I started kniting (can you guess) a purse.

Rhea is going gangbusters on her scarf! Woo Hoo. Now there are 2 of us saying "just one more row." I feel so close to her right now even though she has forsaken me this evening for a sleepover at her friends.
I am not bitter!

I finished the orange scarf but started with the Paton's yarn before I got around to finishing it. Pictures when it is done!

We knitters are all such healthy people!!

Take care everyone!


barbp said...

Your shawl is looking great. Love your green purse from a couple posts back as well. I have coworkers who sound like some of the kids in your class. One in particular finds it very difficult to say thank you. Sad isn't it.

twig said...

Patons does felt well. I've used it on a couple of felting projects. And I've also used it on a sweater. I love it and you can't beat the price for convenient yarn.

Dorothy said...

Paton's Classic felts great.

Love the Surgeon General warning tag. So funny!

Cute Shawl too.

Dipsy D. said...

This shawl is coming along really fine - beautiful colorway!

Gina said...

Hang on to your guns Martina! You are absolutely right about the epidemic of over indulged, rude, self-important children that we as teachers face every day. They are almost certainly the product of detached, self indulgent, rude, me-first parents. I too face the daily - "I need a pencil!" demand and the accompanying attitude when I calmly reply, "Then get one for yourself my dear..." My favourite response to the serve me attitude though is to look the kid in the face and say, "Do I look like your Mother? No? Then you need to stop treating me that way and get some more respect going." Sigh...I love teaching....

I also love 2 yarns made by Patons - Classic wool and SWS - both felt beautifully, both are excellent value, both are eminently workable with worsted weight pattern. Classic Wool has so many good colours, and the new ones this fall are making me drool with desire. Watch the SWS though, pils like dreadlocks!

sandra said...

Grey shawl is gonna be pretty large - maybe ou turn it into stole! Sure you'll be wrepped warm!