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Friday, August 11, 2006

What? No Knitting?!

I still cannot believe it! I am not supposed to knit for another 7 hours! It is not fair! (Stamping of feet)

Why? You may ask. Well yesterday was the day for my breast's aspiration biopsy. Other than the anticipation not a painful test to have. A little uncomfortable yes but not painful. Once it was all over I was getting the instructions on what activities to avoid for the next 24 hours (no vacuuming, Crap!) and as a joke I asked , "Can I knit?" . I was expecting a laugh (I'm a frustrated comedienne)... Instead I got the very serious response of "NO. Reading is about as physical as you should get!" "WTF?! How can I exist??? ", raced through my brain. But so far I have resisted. Watching TV last night was not as enjoyable without the clicking and clacking of knitting. Being a passenger in the car will be boring without a sock to work on! All in the name of less bruising! I am just vain enough to be able to follow the instructions! On the up side, the dressing that is on my left breat is holding it up ever so pertly! I think I may go and get some surgical bandage for every day use just to lend the girls more support. LOL.

I am choosing to believe that the results of the biopsy will be good news. Yes I'm sure I am fine.


Cathy said...

Ouch! I think I would follow those directions too. I hope all is well!

Karen said...

I am absolutely sure you are fine too. (But I'm sending you postive thoughts anyway.) And good for you for finding the silver lining - the surgical tape breast support!!! Cheaper then a fancy bra at Victoria's Secret, I'm sure. Hang in there - you'll be knitting again in no time. And you'll probably knit faster and better due to the break!

twig said...

Do let us know the results.

24 hours without knitting? I'm pretty sure that's cruel and unusual punishment.

jillian said...

Fingers crossed for good results!!

24 hours with no knitting when you need it most? Ouch.

Charity said...

Grrr, no knitting! I don't know if I could make it that long!

Surgical bandage, eh? I may have to give that a try! After baby #3, things just aren't quite so happy in that department :0)

Dorothy said...

Sending good thoughts and a prayer or two your way.

Surgical tape, huh. It would be nice to see a shape other than slightly-mashed-banana on my chest agin.

Judy said...

Glad to know you got thru the biopsy so well and i'm sure the results will be just as good. Thinking positive and praying for y ou .

kt said...

Dear Girl,

I am sending hugs your way both for the loss of a friend and also to give you the best of karma for your biopsy result. I know you'll be fine.