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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Heat in the Bathroom

I too am having problems downloading pictures with blogger! I had pictures of socks, a vest, Kessie and her new toy and a monarch butterfly. You will have to use your imagination!

I spent this morning doing the green primer in my bathroom. This evening I painted the first coat of the green semi gloss. That bathroom is soo hot! The room is 5X 6 approx., there is one 60 watt bulb in it and then put me in it working and there is now way that AC cooled that baby down. Of course I am trying to help conserve energy by having my AC at 26 degrees celsius so even though the house is 2o degrees cooler than outside it is not cold.

I want this heat wave to end and I have it pretty good being inside a cooler house. I was warm painting the bathroom but can you imagine the poor souls who have to work outside? Somebody needs to pay them to go home!

I hope pictures will be available tomorrow! Till then my friends!

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Cathy said...

I love my a/c! I see workers outside all the time here in the subtropics and I am amazed that they don't melt. Even worse is seeing people jogging in it... ugh! Stay cool and I can't wait till blobber lets you post pics.