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Monday, August 14, 2006

Weekend Round Up

Ok I am getting very frustrated!! Blogger is eating my pictures!! I have tried several times and they don't happen!

SO....Here is the weekend round up sans pictures!

Friday.... Jim and I went to the funeral home to give pay our respects to Ian. It was very emotional. His 2 children who are in their early 20's were putting on a brave face. His son was even able to say to us that it was better for his father to not be in pain any more. His wife was holding up well although looked very frail. She too has been fighting her own battle with cancer. The open casket was hard to face. I kept expecting him to open his blue eyes and smile. As hard as an open casket is though it does help with feelings of closure for those left behind.
Saturday....Started with Jim going to the service for Ian. I stayed home because we had a retirement party to put on that evening for Jim. I got all finished cleaning and setting up the backyard. My good friend Louise came and helped out. YEAH! (I miss her again!) Jim and I had discussed the possibility of postponing this party but decided to go ahead with it because I thought it would allow for our friends that knew Ian a time to talk and come to terms. AND..we knew Ian would have wanted us to celebrate our lives. It was a great afternoon and evening. The party started at 3 PM and the last partiers left at midnight!
Sunday....I packed up the children and headed up to the beach on Georgian Bay! Not to Wasaga beach. Further north near Balm beach . What a day! Perfect temperature, perfect sky, perfect company, perfect relaxation! The waves weren't that big so the kids couldn't do any body surfing but the sand bars went out forever! It was the perfect ending to a difficult week.


Cathy said...

I'm sorry your weekened started out so hard. Saying goodbye is so hard. I'm glad though that you had the retirement party anyway, you are right ... it was a chance to celebrate both Jim's work life and Ian's life. Getting away from it all was a good idea too... relaxing with your children is the perfect elixir for stress and sadness.

sandra said...

You deserve rest to clear up your mind. I know I would!
Many bloggers complain about pic posting. Must be contagious!

Dipsy said...

I'm so sorry that you're going through such a sad time these days - you'd need a bit of time now to relax and unwind. A bit of knitting will definitely help - my tried-and-true help when times get sad and stoney.

Charity said...

It sounds like you had an emotional weekend. I'm glad it included some life affirming things.