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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Error on Page

It keeps coming up "error on page" what am I doing wrong? It did it again. I am trying again!! I am using this waiting time to try out the different fonts WebdingsThat was webdings.. Why do I keep getting error on page? Where else can I go to get pictures to show up?? Tell me Please!! I am about to try again! No luck.... arg! arg!
Last try my pretties! I am going to have to start relying on well written entries if this keeps up!

Nope no luck!

I have a beautiful lilac silk Rowan poncho that I have started yesterday. It is the first time I am knitting with silk and I must say that I love the feel of it. Very different from wool. Kind of this colour
I started knitting another purse for felting using some left over sock yarn paired with acomplementary turquoise lopi yarn. Sort of this colour.
I am still working on a pair of colourful socks with sock yarn that I have forgotten the name of. Incudes these colours.
Do you think I am taking pictures with to high a resolution?

Ok Ok just one more try.
Ok Ok it's hopeless..... No more for today!


kt said...

I'm having the SAME DAMN problem and it's frustrating as hell!
If I could afford it, I'd leave Blogger in a heartbeat and head to Typepad, but I'm a cheapskate.

Kim said...

You've had more than your fair share of stress in the last few weeks and are due for better times ahead. I hope they reach you.

Monika said...

I was lucky yesterday with 3 pictues, the forth was not to be. It can't be the size of the pics because I thought about that too and resized it (my son did that, he knows what he's doing) and it didn't matter. When I'm really frustrated I restart MY PC, makes me feel better. Maybe there's some place at blogger where all the answeres are???

Cathy said...

Darned blobber! It makes me so angry!

Karen said...

Oh why, oh why, won't Blogger play nice with you? We want to see your wonderful pictures. If all else fails, I'd open a Flickr account (FREE!!) and use that to upload.

Charity said...

Well, at least the knitting is coming along nicely, even if the blogging is hellish :0) Sounds like you have some great projects on the go!

Monika said...

Well, as I said before my last comment was swallowed, I find that early in the morining or late at night are good times to upload pics. The worst time is around 2 PM in the afternoon. ;o)