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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I Dream of Knitting

I often have very vivid, strange dreams. Last night or more correctly early this morning was another to add to my list.

I am driving in a car and not quite sure where I am going. The streets are familiar but I have not been on the streets for a long time. While driving I am also knitting something with chunky, dark smokey blue yarn. I see a McDonalds. I decide to go to the Drive Thru but I pull up way too far from the window. I back up and take another run at the window. There are cars behind me with drivers annoyed at my actions. (The drive through windows are lined up across the driveway kind of like driving through customs) I decide fuck it and throw my ball of yarn at the McD's staff manning the booth. It somehow ends up in the booth getting flushed down the toilet. I drive then park to walk in and place my order. As I am going into the restaurant I realize that my yarn is lodged somewhere so I give it a good hard yank. Over in the booth the order taker sees it come popping up out of the toilet all wet (and thankfully very clean). He follows the yarn back to me to deliver my ball back to me.

I am sitting at a table madly trying to rewind my yarn. I keep coming across tangles and knots. All the customers are in watching what I am doing very closely, amazed that I am doing so well. The young man enters with the ball of yarn. It is a tangled mess. Everyone is sure that there is no way I can rescue and rewind the yarn from the ball. And then....a gasp is heard from all the customers....I have found a way into the tangle! I am going to be able to save it! I am amazing! The whole restaurant erupts into laughter! Everyone is clapping. I am so awesome! They cannot believe I can do it!
Then...I wake up. The alarm has been on for half an hour... Good morning.


Karen said...

Wow, that is some dream. So your yarn is "crap", but you can save it and bring it back to life. Cool!!

Cathy said...

Making something beautiful with frustrating, crappy yarn... you are awesome!

Charity said...

That is quite the dream! :0)

twig said...

What a cute kitten and a strange dream.

Kelly said...

You've been sniffing cheap mohair, haven't you? ;p