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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Pictures anyone?

I was allowed to post pictures this morning! The first...The Canada Goose Vest! Unblocked at this point but looking good! I got the original pattern from a book I got out of the library called Celtic Aran. Then I got sock weight yarn Scheepjes Invicta Extra in colour 1319. I used my Knitware Pattern software to adapt the pattern to the new weight yarn and used the cable from the book. The cable is called Wall Street.

These are the socks I am knitting for my MIL. I am using SISU Fantasy in a colour that is discontinued. Figures. I knit the first sock (the one not on needles) then started the second sock not realizing the discontinued status. So, I unfinished the first sock and knit from it until both socks were the same length. Now I am finishing the second sock in Fortissima Socka colour 1406. It's not a perfect match but it'll do!

Kessie has found a new toy! A rubber band. She sits for hours just chewing on it and pulling at it with her paws. Occasionally it shoots off into the air and she sits there staring at her paws trying to figure out where the heck it went! It's so funny to watch. You can just see her brain whirring!

Jim went out for an early birding expedition yesterday and got this wonderful picture of a Monarch. It must of been hot too!


twig said...

I love Kessie! She's just so cute. I love that innocent look on her face.

Her mother, however, is nuts! You made an entire vest in sock weight yarn? HOLY MOLY! I think socks with sock yarn take forever.

It certainly looks great.

Melissa said...

I should buy Layla a big bag of rubber bands. LOL! Kessie is adorable!

Dorothy said...

Kessie is so cute.
What a great picture of the Monarch!

A vest. In sock yarn. Oy. Nice, but Oy.

DeeDee said...

Hey Martina,
Your vest looks fantastic! I'm sure it will look even better when its blocked.

Dipsy D. said...

The vest looks really great and so do the socks, great colors! Kessie is such a cutie!

Cathy said...

The vest is perfect!

Kessie is a charming puppy, you can see how happy she is with that rubber band. Beautiful shot of the butterfly.

Gina said...

Love your colorful socks.