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Monday, August 28, 2006

Echo Lake Far Away in Time

Warning!!! Lots of Pictures!!!!

What a wonderful weekend we had! The family and I headed up Highway #35 to Echo Lake where we visited Jim's cousin's cottage. The view from the cottage was beautiful.

What did we do there? Well, we sat and relaxed. We played Mexican Train Dominos. A first for me and even though I am not a huge game player I really enjoyed the game! Jim even went out and bought a game for the house! The most fun part of the game is making the train sound if you win! WOO! WOO!

Patrick fished. He caught a small mouth bass. So far a cottage record catch!! The race is on guys!! He also went tubing twice. My little water boy!

Rhea snuggled with Kessie and went for one round of tubing, played games and worked on a puzzle.

Can you guess what I did? Three tries.....nope...nope...yes! I knit!
On Friday I bought yarn for Christmas presents.
I bought sock yarn.

I bought yarn for a French Market Bag.

I bought yarn for six Fetching fingerless gloves!

This is what I took up for the weekend. They are a very quick and fun knit. I already have the pattern memorized. I got one pair finished on the weekend and started on a second pair.
This is the pair I finished. .

I started the red pair and finished one glove but realized that I made one error. I purled once when I should have knit. I thought I could live with the error but once the glove was completed I realized that I could not live with it. So , a partial rip out is coming up, then a repair.
I hope everyone else had a good weekend!


Dipsy D. said...

It seems you guys had such a great time, thanks for sharing these pics! And I really love how your Fetchings turned out, they look so cozy and comfy, perfect for Canadian winters!

sandra said...

Oh I really like those mountain places you are visiting! Why my family can't accept that sea is not only place for vacation!
Great yarn you bought! SO envy and also can't wait to see new knitted stuff from you!

Karen said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend. Thanks for all the great pictures.

Cathy said...

Beautiful view! I bet you all had a great time. And it is a heavenly place to knit up some presents. I love the gloves.

Charity said...

What a wonderful place to spend a weekend! Even better to have family around you. Your kids are great - it looks and sounds like they had a lot of fun :0)

I love the new yarn, and I'm dying to start my own pair of Fetching. Sorry to hear about the error - it would drive me crazy, too.

Monica said...

Are those gloves really easy? I fancy a pair for myself, but I've just finished 2 scarves and a pair of socks - major challenge for me - so I'm taking a rest.

The cottage sounds fab. Why don't I have cousins with houses like that?