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Friday, August 04, 2006

Flash or No Flash

Last night I put a vase with peacock feather into the green bathroom. This morning I took a picture. One without flash (bit blurry as a result) and one with flash. Neither one of the pictures show just how perfectly one of the greens in the feathers matches the green on the wall but I was amazed at how differently the wall colour turned out in each picture. The true colour is somewhere in between these two colours. The white feather is an ostrich feather.
FUN IDEA: For the Whitby knitters (or anyone else who thinks it would be fun too!) I was looking at the AntiCraft web site and saw a fun idea of knitting Stop Sign pole wraps. Well, I thought that it would be kind of dangerously fun to do some knit graffiti as a renagade knitting group! If we all knit up these pole wraps and then pick a night when we all dress in black and wrap the nearest stop sign pole what would the world think? Would they get taken down? Would the become a trend? Kind of a conceptual particpant art. Whitby Knit Graffiti Renagades unite! Or should I expand it to World Knit Graffiti Renagades? Tell me if you are game. Give me ideas! I'll arrange it from there!


Cathy said...

I can never get true colors with my camera either. If you knit vandalize, make sure you take lots of pics!

Melissa said...

I'm not really good with getting true pics either.
Vandalizing....could be fun, if my brother didn't patrol in my area. How much fun would he have arresting his big sister? Plus, he knows I'm the only knitter within a 30 mile radius. LOL!

Dorothy said...

Sounds like a blast! Although you did just give me an idea of how to mark the road my LYS is on. Apparently signs on the road side cost a bloody lot of money.

I like your bathroom decor. my camera messes up every colour under the sun too. I usually have to adjust the colours a little.

Dipsy D. said...

The pic without flash looks totally artsy, I love that one! And the feather rocks!

sandra said...

Getting photo with true coloures is almost always problem for me - even on sunny day! So I know how you feel!
And BTW - do you like feathers that much?