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Monday, February 12, 2007

Kessie is Warm Now

On Friday Kessie got her long overdue haircut. Now she can really feel the cold! The light weight sweater that I was using for her just wasn't cutting it!

Since I just didn't have enough projects on the go (y'all know what I mean, right?) I knit her a much warmer coat in a bulky blue yarn mixed with a fun fur.
Project Spectrum dog coat!

Now she will be toasty warm on our walks!

Do you think I should make her a hat and boots?


Cathy said...

Sweet! Kessie looks gorgeous in her beautiful sweater.

Monika said...

Does she like wearing her sweater??? You've got to knit her a hat and booties, definately!! ;o)

Dorothy said...

Aww, she looks so cute. She needs a hat just like your wig in a previous post and some smokin' thigh high boots.

Kelly said...

Kessie is adorable her new blue sweater!

Charity said...

Wonderful sweater! Kessie looks sweet as pie. :0)