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Thursday, February 15, 2007

February Blocks

These are the completed Project Spectrum blocks for February. I like how they look all together.

This is a scrumble bag I did way back last spring. It never felt done to me until today. Last night I took the scissors to it and gave some of the long furry bits a trim. The top picture is without a flash. It shows the colours more as they are. The bottom picture is with a flash. It shows the details of the knitting and beading more clearly.

Twenty minutes to Gray's Anatomy!! Will Meredith find her knight in shining whatever??


Cathy said...

Cool project spectrum blocks! And your scramble bag is great. Isn't it funny how one little change makes something just right?

sandra said...

Love log-cabin blocks!
BTW, there is something in Grey's - I tried to ressist, but it pulled me in like vacuum - so every monday night I am in front of my TV watching! (and knitting, ofcourse)

barbp said...

I've been swamped at work (and working from home) over the last couple of weeks so haven't been by. I just caught up on your posts. The sweater for "the boy" turned out so nice. Great job. And I totally love the Zakka Bag. It's so cheery. I enjoyed reading your "D" list. I had my years with number 9 but I'm now med free and closely watch my emotional health.

I'd love to see a pix of the bike seat on the bike. Take care.