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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Crafting A.D.D.

I have a very short attention span these days. Everyday I sit down to knit or to sew I am starting something new. Currently I have 7 knitting WIPs and 2 sewing WIPs. That is a total of 9 projects on the go. The Swallowtail SHawl is really what I want to be doing but I feel obligated to finish Rhea's leggings first. Unfortunately the leggings are mind numbing and I need to have a long space of time where I can concentrate on the shawl. So I started up my Project Spectrum project for this month.

Log Cabin squares for a Spectrum blanket.

I decided that along with individual projects in the monthly colours I also want to do one project that encompases all the colours. I have done a log cabin blanket before but with only one large block so this time I am doing small blocks pieced together.

So the poncho, socks, shawl, purses etc.. await my attention...

The reason I do not have a block of time to work on the shawl is that I am completing a felt hanging quilt for a group of childern doing their first communion at a catholic church. The kids did the squares and I have been commissioned to assemble it...I hope to get it done tomorrow.

I have prewashed the flannel for sleep pants for the family. I have fabric sitting aside for a dress, blouse and kitchen accessories for the Sew i Knit KAL.

But now...I have to have lunch and head to work for the afternoon. I promise to buy no more fabric today....

Yeah. Right.


Charity said...

Martina, I LOVE the idea of a PS blanket! This is going to be wonderful! :0)

Dorothy said...

Your Project Spectrum blanket is a great idea and it already looks pretty.

I hear you on the ADD. I can't seem to get interested in sitting down and finishing projects either.