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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sewing Day

I spent today sewing.

I made a Valentine lunch bag for the boxed lunch auction we are having tonight at my Sorority meeting. I love making the little Zakka Bags!

Most of the day was spent finishing up the 1st Communion Quilt for my client.

It is done!!!!

Thank goodness because I am working for the next 2 days!

I gave my client a low price because it was for a school and she was paying out of her own pocket. I was expecting her to balk at the price I asked. Instead I was pleasantly surprised! She thought I was way under charging (which I was) and is going to decide on a higher fee to give me. It is nice to deal with someone who knows how much effort goes into making items!

Most of the quilt is hanging down the side of the table. The finished size is probably about 4' X 6'.

Have a good evening!

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Charity said...

I love that Valentines Zakka bag! Congratulations on finishing the quilt! :0)