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Friday, February 23, 2007

Winter White Pictures (with some red)

During winter the moisture comes up off Lake Ontario and coats the trees hanging nearby. DH caught this image on one of his birding trips.

I often wish I could truely replicate the various shades of white and grey in a knitting project.

Yesterday morning we had a Thunder snow storm! Yarn Harlot talks about it over on her site and has some of her own pictures. She is right that it was impossible to photograph the largeness and the quantity of flakes descending from the sky. I took a few pictures of the aftermath. The world looked like it was covered in meringue or marshmallows. The strangest thing was the thunder. You just don't expect thunder during winter. Summer, yes. So when I started hearing the rolling booming sounds my first thought was that another train had derailed. (We had a train derrail not too far from us a couple of years ago) DH and I just stood and watched and listened for a few minutes.

Back Yard photos!

Yes that is an old Album used as a squirrel baffle!

Since yesterday morning I have seen so many snowmen! It was the first snowfall sticky and ample enough to indulge in the activity. I even saw a huge snowman built at the gas station today by the car wash!

Talking about gas! Prices continue to inch up in reaction to the Esso refinery fires and I had to put gas in the car! Akk!

Big things about to happen in my life I think. All will be revealed when it happens!

Knitting carries on. I am progressing on the swallowtail shawl.

The trick?


I am really getting into the lace making process now. It is so beautiful.... Pictures soon my lovelies!


Monika said...

Nice snow pictures! Yeah, markers are important, don't I know it! ;o)

sandra said...

Oh, I am dreaming of snow! No snow fro us this season - global heath I guess!

Cathy said...

Wow! Look at the ice and snow. I haven't seen that kind of winter since the last time I was in Canada... hehe, I'm sure we have that in the states too but I have definitely seen it in Canada twice.

Follow directions? Use markers? Bite your tongue! That works? Hehe.

Kelly said...

Wow! Those are some gorgeous winter pics!

monica said...

how lovely!!!

knitting with the snow romantic.

LisaB said...

Wow those winter pictures are amazing!! We never get ice like that here. Neat looking!