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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Power Outage!

Power Outage!! We just had one and I lost all my post! That should teach me to save and log out before having supper. Well, it probably won't but I'll pretend it will. The pictures I had downloaded are gone (for now) and the photos don't want to be downloaded again right now. As I like to say....frickerbricker....

Lets try have contact!!! It happened! It happened!

And know to try and recapture the original essence of this post....

While the family was in Windsor (Ontario) we attended a retierement party for Jim and his cousin John at his brother John's place. Of course, I brought some knitting. Could any of you go a whole afternoon of sitting around and talking without at least wishing you had some knitting needles in your hands? Tell me the truth! I don't want to be the only one!!

Here is Jim's sister Judy holding up the sock I was knitting for my Mother in Law. The poor lady (not Judy) has such swollen ankles and legs that I decided she needed some custom made beautiful socks. I hope they are not too wild for her. Maybe I should have done them before she got her cataracts removed! The would have looked lovely and pastel then. Judy is being a real trouper here. I was absolutely astonished that she actually agreed to hold up the sock! She, as most of my in-laws, really doesn't like having her picture taken. She is probably absolutely aghast that I have chosen to share this picture with all of you! Yep, she's a real trouper! (Get up off the floor Judy)

I felted all 3 of the purses today and only liked the outcome of two. The first is my attempt at an oriental pagoda type shape. Didn't really work but I like the result anyways.
This second purse is not in colours that I really like but I found this pinkish lopi in a stash of hand-me-down yarns and decided to use it this way. With the stripes it reminds me of a flipped muted Hudson's Bay blanket. I knit it near Georgian Bay so I call it The Georgian Bay purse.
I've reached the end! No power outage! I'm publishing now!


Carol said...

Hi Martina. Thanks for the comments on my blog. To answer your question -- yes, I definitely recommend a lace project. It is such a rush when you finish it and everyone admires your skill.

Cathy said...

Power outrages! We get those all the time here and I'm not sure why.

It is so nice of you to knit socks for your MIL, I'm sure she will love them. And yes, there has been many a time of sitting around without busy hands that I wished for my knitting.

The purses turned out great!

Judy said...

oh noooooooooooooooooo

monica said...

I've just bought a skein and little needles to try and knit a pair of socks.

I'm absolutely terrified!

And I'll probably ask for your help!