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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Coffee Maker Show and Tell

I wish I had some cool perculator to show for my show and tell! But I don't. My coffee making is utilitarian and easy. On the weekends when Jim and I are both home we usually make a pot on this lovely Phillips Cafe Master. We used to have a bodum and I would go back to that but we so often break the carafes. The coffee we use is The Great Canadian Coffee becauser it tastes like the Tim Hortons coffee but is half the price. On weekdays we use this Melitta single cup drip method. Well, Jim uses it and when I am at work I wait until I am there to grab my cuppa Joe. It is not as good but I have trouble being organized enough to make coffee before I leave the house since I like to sleep as long as possible. If there was a Tim Horton's on my way to work I would be doing drive thru.

I remember that my parents had this really cool perculator that was two big shiny stainless steel balls. My sister and I loved looking at our reflections in it because our faces got so distorted. It was like having breakfast in the fun house! I wonder if either of them still have it? Jae, do you remember?

And now I must go get my second cup of coffee for the day! Have a good one!


twig said...

I can't live without my coffee. I must have it black and strong and in large quantities to be able to function.


Your dad said...

I certainly remember the double globe perk, but have no idea what happened to it. Also had no idea it was anything special for you and Jae.

blackbird said...

I'm here to see your show and tell!

...and now I'm off to explore your blog -
thanks for playing!

Cathy said...

I like utilitarian coffee makers... mine doesn't even have a clock on it, just an on/off switch. Not that I get to use it very often since I can't drink coffee, drats!

Dorothy said...

Coffee, Tim Horton's ...
I need more coffee. This morning was way too early.
Your coffee pot is the white version of mine.
I'm never organized in the mornings either. I used to get out of bed ten minutes before I had to go to work (I worked at a sawmill so showers were after work), throw on my clothes, grab my lunch from the fridge and go.

Karen said...

Gotta love a post with multiple coffee makers!!! I have about three different ones (maybe four) floating around my house!! I remember my mom's old Corning Ware percolator. DH's grandmother gave me one just like it when she was sorting through her cupboards. Haven't used it yet, but I am so happy to have it!!