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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Jim!

It is my DH's birthday today. He is a whopping 56 years old! Ok, can someone tell me when we gat to be our parents age? Happy birthday to him! One of his gifts were these cool (crap I am having trouble spel;ling tody...See what I mean!) movie popcorn containers. Some of us remember when the popcorn would come in cardboard "cups" like these. Possibly some theatres still do it. Any how I saw these in ceramic and couldn't resist. He has a bowl fetish (edited to change...Fetish to obsession...sorry Jim...It was the Pina Coladas) and loves his popcorn! The perfect gift, right? Can't wait to have popcorn out of them! Speaking of popcorn does anybody pop theirs the "old fashioned" a pot on the stove? We still do. I am not a fan of the microwave type at all. I can smell the chemicals as the popcorn is popping! The sounds of stove top popping reminds me of my youth. The taste of real butter and salt on it so satisfying...OK we use Becel now but occasionally we splurge. If I wasn't so full of supper I'd have some now.
Now, being the remiss wife that I am Jim cooked supper tonight even though it was his birthday. He made a scrumptious bean salad out of these wonderful beans pictured below. The green beans started out purply red but cooked up green. Cool! I had to take a picture in the serving bowl

and then close up. All those greens and cool.
My mother brought Filet Mignon to Barbeque (which Jim did), there was baked potato and the bean and dill salad. For desert (I actually took care of dessert!!Surprise) We had Angel food cake with ice cream and a 3 berry sauce made of blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. (Patrick smothered it all in chocolate sauce (the cheap kind), yuck..) Full I still am!

Possibly one of the reasons that my fingers are having a hard time finding the right keys here (you can't tell but I am having to type every other word 2 or 3 times before I hit the proper keys) is that I drank almost a whole mix of Pina Colada myself. Everybody else had wine but wine gives me migraines occasionally and the weather today was thundery and rainy so I was on the verge of one all day. Anyhow Rum does not give me migraines and I have had this Pina Colada in the freezer for eons so I made it. (Are my sentences a tad run onish?)(Now you know how my brain functuions). SO.. I had two tumblers full and then I poured myself the rest but knocked it over and got it on the carpet and in a bag with my Opal Superwash. Thank god it is superwash. The sock I am half way through (picture tomorrow) is going to smell divine for a while. Did you know that it is really difficult to knit with wet yarn on sticky needles?

Our sweet little dog Kessie likes Pina Colada. I found out a few weeks ago (when I again spilled a full tumbler of Strawberry Daquari) that she likes that too! Should I be worried? Should I stop drinking these sweet alcoholic drinks? Should I stop before I bore everyone? Is anybody still reading?

Ok...I'll stop now. Goodnight.


Dorothy said...

Happy Birthday Jim!

Dipsy said...

Happy birthday Jim!

Cathy said...

Hahahaha! You cracked me up!

Happy Birthday, Jim!!!

Charity said...

Sounds like a great time had by all! Happy Birthday to the hub.

Anonymous said...

Jim says
Its not a bowl fetish it's a Bowl obsession, I'm not wiered or anything

martina said...

Maybe you are wired!

twig said...

Oh my. How did I miss this post? Thanks for the laugh.

Belated Happy Birthday, Jim.