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Monday, July 03, 2006

Homework...ya sure...

Yes, the following pictures are of my homework. I am taking an internet course on Wellness for Children. The assignment...a snack presentation. May I present Leaf the Lion! ROAR! Eat him before he eats you!
Made of lettuce, carrots, cucumber, red pepper and salad dressing (ranch).

Then there is Foody the Fly! Not really a snack but a dinner presentation.

Am I good or what? Don't answer. There is a reason why I never made fancy foods for my children when they were young. They are so lucky they were never picky eaters! Food presentation is so not my thing!

I was having fun with the memes today since I was into blogging but really had nothing to talk about...until the food accident happened. (view pictures above!)

Spent a good part of my day working on my blouse for the sew-a-long. All I have to do is put the sleeves in and hem, yay! Also went to Chapters today to find the Debbie Macomber book The Shop on Blossom Street... the shop is a knitting shop. A romance, ahh, perfect summer reading. I have the second book called A Good Yarn but I want to read the first one first. I was hoping to have it for the camping trip but I had to order it so probably won't. I did get the latest Yarn Harlot book though so I'll have some knitting reading to go with my knitting knitting while camping.

Tomorrow I see the vet to get Kessie's stitches out, my Family Doctor to update the prescriptions and the surgeon to find out what is going on with my left boobage. Remember the movie My Left Foot ...I feel as if I am talking about a movie called My Left Breast....I just decided to search sthe movie name and guess what someone has already made one albeit my version would have been a thoughtful comedy and this one is a true drama. Now that I know it exists I will have to find it and watch it.

I really must go and finish my homework...I need to write a one page description of my healthy snack!


twig said...

*laugh* Nice food.

Sandra said...

My parents are cooks and they would be impressed with your plate designings!
Vacations, well, I am not quite social person so I don't like crowed or sun, or hubby or...
I don't consider myself overweighted, but people are pretty dull around here and they don't like when you feel confortable in your body (I do). Even if I would be skinny they would have something to say about that too!
People are strange, aren't they?

Dorothy said...

Very cute food displays! The kids would love it.
I really liked The Shop on Blossom Street. It's a nice read and it has a little pattern in it too, if I remember correctly. Weird thing is I read it two or three years ago when I didn't know how to knit! I sent it along to someone else or I'd grab it and check. I've always meant to read A Good Yarn too. Ah, well ... someday.