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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lake Grundy (part 2)

So what did we do on our trip?
Well, we read.....
and read.

We were big silly goofballs often flying high from eating too many s'mores in the evening but also often because we just wanted to bug each other.

We sat quietly and contemplated life.

And ...well...need you be told?

I knit.

I knitted by the beach, at the campsite, on the rocks, by the fire....Knitting in the wild....there is nothing quite like it!


Karen said...

Sounds just perfect!!!! I love vacations that actually feel like a vacation. Too often, we come back from a vacation feeling like we didnt' relax.

Kelly said...

The trip looks like a good time, but tell me. What are you knitting???

blackbird said...

Another reason I can't go camping...
I cannot blog in the wild.

Your projects look so lovely!