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Monday, July 17, 2006

Lake Grundy

We arrived at Grundy Lake on a Wednesday and set up camp. The weather was actually on the cool side and I was anticipating the possiblilty of being cold all week. It was not to be, fortunately. The weather was warm and wonderful during the days and dipped down to a very comfortable cool for sleeping. We were in bathing suits all day and in sweats in front of the fire at night. The picture below is the first day when we were setting up our kitchen tent. We had three tents. It seemed the norm for all campsites to have 3 tents. One kitchen tent and two tents for sleeping. So we were part of the norm.

The lakes themselves were not terribly big. There are no motor boats allowed on any of the lakes in the park so the only ways of crossing the lakes were swimming, paddle boating or canoeing. We spent most of our time on Grundy Lake itself but Jim got a shot of a Loon on Gut Lake while he and Pat were fishing early one morning. The Loon call is my all time favorite bird call. It is so lonely and haunting and wistful. I could listen to it all night. The Loons flew over our campsite everyday, lake hopping.

The terrain in this area of Ontario is very rocky so alot of the shore line is rockes sloping out of the water as in the picture below (and above) that was taken at the south east end of Grundy Lake. They did have a sand beach but I am sure they must have brought in the sand.

Rhea actually found a favorite rock at the park on Grundy lake and we watched the sun set together one evening. Unfortunately for her it also turned out to be a preferred jumping rock for the children from the other family that joined us at the park mid week. Her solitude was shattered. Hopefully next year she'll have more alone time there.
We do hope to go there again next year now that we know some of the corners of the park.

Next time...the jumping rock and other activities! Tune in tomorrow!

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